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ATX Safer Streets is a coalition of concerned citizens advocating a better bus, train, and taxi system in Austin as well as improvements to our overnight parking system. We believe that a better transit structure is the key to reducing drunk drivers on the roads, as well as traffic congestion. We are asking the city to provide:

  1. More buses, running later, to more parts of the city.
  2. Changes to Cap Metro that will allow the trains to run later on weekends.
  3. More taxis, especially on late nights, weekends and special events.
  4. Legalization of peer to peer driver programs such as Uber and Lyft.
  5. Reduction or elimination of penalties for people who choose to leave their car downtown overnight to get a responsible ride home.
  6. More overnight parking downtown with comprehensive signage in terms of availability and pickup rules.

We do not condone drunk driving; we advocate for more responsible transportation options for the community at large and, for those that partake in the downtown entertainment districts.

We believe that people are personally responsible for their actions and, should be held accountable for those actions. We also believe that most people will make the responsible decision when provided the options. We are advocating for more options, we are not advocating the abandonment of personal responsibility.

We do not believe our proposal will eliminate the drunk driving. We do believe that a better transit system will save lives and, improve the quality of life for Austin’s citizens.

We believe that improvements to the city’s public transit infrastructure are desperately needed in order to maintain Austin’s continued growth. We believe that public transit improvements will help to reduce the workload of APD and EMS and will create a safer city overall. We also believe that allowing more competition into the transit marketplace is good for the consumer, the city, and private businesses. Everyone will ultimately benefit from the changes we’re proposing.

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